I first met Deepa in April of 2015, she had just arrived at Sudershana’s home after turmoil with her father who is an alcoholic. She was very shy, very thin & spent majority of our time there in the corner crying. She had been brought back & forth to Sudershana’s a few times which was making it very hard for her to adjust. Her inner turmoil was so apparent & difficult to see. When we returned in March of 2016, it was like Deepa was a different girl. I almost wouldn’t have recognized her but for the impact her sadness had made on me previously. Now around 12 years old, she is smiling, happy & healthy. Adjusting well to her home & the other children at Sudershana’s. She is thriving in school, loves to sing & her soft demeanour makes her a pleasure to be around. Deepa is such a shining example of how a child’s life can be transformed with a loving home, stable environment, healthy food & good education.

– Bobbi (August 2016)