This is Raahi – he was diagnosed HIV positive at 3 years old after losing his brother and father to AIDS. With Raahi being so young his mother found it difficult to find work that would let her care for him full time. Determined to make a life for themselves Raahi and his mother seeked help from HIV care homes in Jaipur, about 4 hours from their home town. After years of moving between homes that didn’t work for them both they found our partner home, Rays.

At first Raahi was quiet, reserved and had a strong stammer. Rays gave him a stable, comfortable, clean and loving environment, where Raahi overcame his stammer and is now a positive, confident, self-assured, happy and (sometimes) cheeky young man.

Giving HIV positive kids like Raahi an environment to grow, develop and thrive in life is everything to us – this is why we do what we do.


*children’s names have been changed.