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Sudershana is one extraordinary woman. She is the sole care taker of 17 children in a home about 10 km from Manali, in Northern India. This is not her job but her “calling” and she has been taking care of orphaned, abandoned or neglected children for the past 15 years. Sudershana’s home acts as a private orphanage although she receives no funding from the government. They rely on donations from the community as well as sales from their garden, crafts and knitting. The local private school sponsors all her children over 12 to attend which would other wise be too expensive. She really is passionate about creating a loving family environment rather than the uniform institutions of Indian orphanages. She firmly believes that any child can succeed in life, regardless of their background, as long as they have love and support at home.

The children love her dearly and call her all “Mother”, their bond is undeniable.

September 2014,  Sudershana and her children were the the beneficiaries for Tribe of Lambs first compassion project!  We will continue to support Sudershana with our future projects. We love her so much we named a scarf after her!

Manali, Himachal Pradesh, India